Thursday, February 19, 2004

My entry into the world of blogging

Jesus fucking Christ. Okay, I've finally done it. Never say never...because I kinda swore I'd never have my own weblog. But after seeing my friend Tom's blog, my friend Todd's blog, my friend Fred's blog, and other blogs that mostly talk about music, politics, and shit, I got inspired and said "fuck it" and decided to develop my own meaningless blog.

I really don't know exactly what kinds of things I'm going to write on this, or how often I'll update it. Todd and Fred write about different things, but one thing that they do that I'll probably start doing is listing their playlists from their radio shows. Mine was last night, and I can't remember everything that I played off the top of my head, but it was a decent show...I give it a B. But I'll start posting playlists from my next show on...and maybe from last night, too, if I decide to make it over to WXYC and write down what I played. I'm lazy, so I probably won't.

In any case, I'll probably write about all sorts of random things because my mind's usually all over the place, although often they gravitate towards the areas of music, women, and beer. I probably won't get too personal, so it won't be like you're reading my fucking diary or anything, which I've never really understood anyway (diaries, that is).


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