Wednesday, March 03, 2004

WXYC - Wednesday March 3, 2004 (7 PM to 9PM)

Overall, a pretty good would've been a solid A had I not received so many phone calls and AIMs that really distracted me at times...I give it a B+/A-.

(H) = Heavy rotation
(M) = Medium rotation
(L) = Light Rotation
(S) = Singles rotation
(R) = Request
Spaces between songs mean talkset

(H) Doug Douglas - Rock of Billy
The Daktaris - Upside Down
Joe Bataan - Latin Strut (from Nu Yorica comp)

(H) Serge Gainsbourg - Daisy Temple
Derrick Harriott - Solomon
Lord Kitchener - Tie Tongue Mopsy
Madame Bolduc - Mon vieux est jaloux (off the Celtic Mouth Music comp)

(M) The Nein - Five Extinctions
The Dead C - Bitcher
Neurosis - Cold Ascending

Bongwater - There You Go
(H) Shalabi Effect - Imps
Frank and His Sisters - Mwanangu Lala (off the Secret Museum of Mankind
Leyanis Lopez - Mi Guajira Cha

(H) The Coachwhips - You Gotta Get It
Men's Recovery Project - Working for the Mossad
(R) Sonic Youth - Rain on Tim
Theoretical Girls - Lovin in the Red (second version)

(H) Elder Richard Bryant - Come Over Here (off the Goodbye Babylon box
The Okros Ensemble - Gypsy Jumping Dance from Transylvania
Either/Orchestra - Look to the Lion

(R) Craig Mack - Get Down
(S) Murs - 3:16
Dat Politics - Re-Folk

(H) Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies - Bus No. 243
The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart (off the Estuary English comp)
<9:00 end of show>


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