Thursday, June 10, 2004

Go Pistons, etc.

They should be up 3-0, but I'll take 2-1. Larry Brown is the best coach, bar none. I still think Carolina should've gone after him (he would've come) and groom Phil Ford to become the next head coach in ten or so years, which, despite Brown's age, would still reel in the top recruits because everybody loves Phil and everyone would want to play for Larry Brown and Phil Ford. Even though I think Roy is a hell of a coach and will do great here, I personally don't know if I can ever fully embrace him because of his ties to Kansas.
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Rasheed Wallace has been underwhelming the whole series thus far, but I don't care since the Pistons are up. 'Sheed's always been one of my favorite players not because of his abilities, but because he cracks me up. He argues so dramatically on every foul called, even if it's obviously a foul. Off the court, he acts as if he doesn't give a fuck. Even with the throwback jersey craze of this hip hop generation in which even many NBA athletes wear jerseys of different players and teams, he came into the arena before the game tonight wearing his own Piston jersey. Fucking hilarious. Here are more reasons why Rasheed Wallace is awesome.

During a commercial, I was flipping through the channels, and I came across the Beastie Boys performing their new single on the MTV Movie Awards. I hadn't listened to the Beastie Boys in forever, and I forgot how much they can't rap worth shit. I'm convinced only stupid white people are still into them because "they're the Beastie Boys and they fucking kick ass!" I have to admit the production of the song sounds alright, and I like the fact that they still utilize an actual DJ. The Beastie Boys still suck, however.


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