Sunday, May 30, 2004

I h8 teenagers

Just got back from the Need New Body show at Go!, and it was a better show than when I saw them last a couple of months ago at Kings.

I missed the opening band, Make Believe, a band I heard is from Chicago. Cy Rawls told me they were good. Anyway, it's always a jolt to my senses when I go to a show and most of the crowd looks very young. I wasn't annoyed until early in the Need New Body set, when the singer invited this kid, who couldn't have been older than 16 or 17, on stage and let him dance. It obviously went to his head because for the rest of the show, he would dance spastically and arrhythmically in front of the stage, especially during slow songs you can't dance to...and including breaks between songs. Every so often, he would peek back to see if people were watching him. I felt like slapping him upside the head and telling him that nobody gives a shit about him - that they came here to see the band, not some teenage hotshot-wannabe.

It was also so fucking hot in there I decided not to stay for Hella. God, I hate stupid teenagers.


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