Saturday, October 30, 2004

Too Funny!

A little twisted but fucking hilarious!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Weekend!

So the Cards got their asses kicked by the Red Sox. I guess if there was a team that I would've preferred the Cardinals to lose to in the World Series, it would be the Red Sox (or the Tigers or the White Sox). However, not winning a single game is a little embarrassing.

This Halloween weekend should be a busy one. Todd is arriving this afternoon from North Carolina for a wedding in Evanston tomorrow. We'll hang out tonight and maybe Sunday afternoon. I have a feeling we won't be hanging out tomorrow night because I'll be costume-party-hopping throughout various locations in the city, and it'll probably be too hectic for us to meet up, especially with him up in Evanston.

And next weekend (the weekend after Halloween) I'll be flying into RDU and will be in Chapel Hill-Carrboro for the first time since June 18th, 2004.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hip Hop superstars and politics

Although I think it's great (and about time) people like P. Diddy and other celebrities used their power and influence to get their fans to be more politically active, there's a cynical side of me that sort of wants to scoff at them. (For example, there's a line in Eminem's new single, "Mosh", in which he says, "No more blood for oil." Well, Marshall, maybe you should practice what you preach and stop driving your fucking gas-guzzling SUVs.)

But with what many refer to as "the most important election in our lifetime" coming up, we need all the help we can get to get Bush out of office. I'll take P. Diddy's and Eminem's "political preachings" any day over that dumb ass sellout from my hometown, Nelly.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


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I got a call this morning from Dusty Groove, and they've decided to hire someone else! I'm very much shocked by this...especially because it really seemed like they were going to offer me the job. I'm thinking that the owner, who obviously makes the final decisions, thought that I was overqualified and since I made a hell of a lot more money as a psychologist, I'd quit if or when I find a better-paying job....which is partly true. In any case, this is a shocker!

In other news, it's starting to get cold here already, and I'm trying to brace for the kind of winter I haven't experienced since living in Michigan as a kid. But I'm not sure if there is any way to prepare for it except to just wait and experience it firsthand. It's supposed to be warm later this week (in the upper 60s/lower 70s), but it's supposed to rain, too.

I'm planning on being Slash (from Guns 'N' Roses) for Halloween, and I was going to go shirtless...but I'm not sure about that now...the shirtless part, that is.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Polyrhythmic Grooves

There's a good interview in Splendid E-Zine with my friends, Mahjongg. Click here to read the interview.

They're on their way to CMJ right now, and Jeff told me that they've been offered to be the house band on Last Call with Carson Daly next Tuesday I think. They've yet to accept the offer, partly because they would have to learn at least ten covers, which they kind of don't want to do. I think they should do it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What to do...

There are several jobs available that I feel I might be able to get, but the jobs would be excruciatingly boring as shit. There's also a job opening at Dusty Groove that I feel I can get, especially since I have friends who work there. That would be the most enjoyable job, but it would also pay the least. But they do provide health and dental benefits. I'm going to submit my resume to them today.

There's also a job at UIC's Asian American Resource and Culture Center as an assistant to the director that I feel I might be well-suited for. However, they don't start interviewing people until November.