Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Weekend!

So the Cards got their asses kicked by the Red Sox. I guess if there was a team that I would've preferred the Cardinals to lose to in the World Series, it would be the Red Sox (or the Tigers or the White Sox). However, not winning a single game is a little embarrassing.

This Halloween weekend should be a busy one. Todd is arriving this afternoon from North Carolina for a wedding in Evanston tomorrow. We'll hang out tonight and maybe Sunday afternoon. I have a feeling we won't be hanging out tomorrow night because I'll be costume-party-hopping throughout various locations in the city, and it'll probably be too hectic for us to meet up, especially with him up in Evanston.

And next weekend (the weekend after Halloween) I'll be flying into RDU and will be in Chapel Hill-Carrboro for the first time since June 18th, 2004.


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