Friday, April 16, 2004

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Knowing the criteria and characteristics for Bipolar Disorder from my training and education as a psychologist, I know I'm not a manic depressive. But, damn, I can have some fast mood swings. I was pretty angry and bummed out most of yesterday from my experience looking for an apartment here in Chicago this week. Some of that anger is still there, but there's basically no point in staying mad. First, my new apartment is cool. Second, the rent is very reasonable. And third, as I looked at the map of Chicago and where I'll be living, and having my friend Paul drive me around for a bit, I noticed that my apartment's location within the heart of Ukrainian Village is a very good one. I'll be a block away from the Empty Bottle. It'll also be a short walk to many cool bars, restaurants, record stores, etc. And apparently, I can walk to some friends' apartments easily. Also, I'll be a few blocks away from a if I ever get stabbed or shot, I can run over to the hospital in no time. But my neighborhood and surrounding area seem pretty safe, so I don't expect to get assaulted. Besides, with the sawed-off shot gun I carry with me at all times, no one's going to fuck with me.

The process of finding this apartment fucking blew. But I think the end result looks pretty good.


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