Thursday, April 15, 2004

Fuck this

I hate something. I don't know exactly what or who I hate, but right now I hate something. Let's just say that this apartment hunting experience has been one of the most frustrating and stressful experiences I've ever had that has had nothing to do with grad school. I want to say "Fuck Chicago," but it's not really Chicago's fault. Having lived in college towns (Columbia, MO and Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC) for the past ~9 years or so, my experience in finding apartments has been different. I'm used to finding a place to live 3-4 months in advance, but I guess in Chicago (and large cities), most available places are looking for people to move in immediately or in a month at the latest. But since this is the only time I can make it up here to look at places before I actually move, I wanted to secure a place before I had to go back to Carrboro.

To make a long and boring story short, a couple of hours ago, I signed a lease to this pretty decent apartment in Ukrainian Village. I'll be living with my old Columbia chum, Mr. Jeff Carrillo, guitarist for up and coming world beaters, Mahjongg. The catch is, the lease starts May 15, which puts a financial strain on both me and Jeff. My job ends in early June, and my current Carrboro lease ends June 30th. I was planning on moving to Chicago on June 29th or 30th or July 1st because I wanted to spend a few weeks in North Carolina partying and impregnating women, but I guess I'll probably now be moving up to Chicago sometime in early to mid June.

Anyway, the apartment itself is pretty cool, and it's affordable for such a big city. It's on the third floor (top floor) of this building, and from our windows, you can see parts of the Chicago skyline. I figure once I get settled in and used to living in the city (I'm guessing by mid-July-ish), my anger at this experience will have faded.

So I'm going to go get fucked up tonight and then drive back to St. Louis tomorrow. Then the next day I'll drive back to North Carolina. I fucking hate my life.


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