Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sickest movie ever

I just saw the sickest movie I've ever seen, Ichi the Killer.

Based on the cult manga comic by Yamamoto Hideo, the movie is about this mentally (retarded and) unstable young man whose alter ego is this vicious killer intent on killing all bullies. I'll spare you a synopsis, but you can go to the website listed above, or go to, or IMDb, or just do a google search for real reviews and stuff.

I read one (positive) review that called director, Takashi Miike "a sick bastard," and I agree completely. It's the most violent movie I've ever seen, and the violence against women was very difficult to watch. Yet, the movie is actually psychologically deep, and it has a weird and open-ended finish...actually the whole movie is weird and open-ended. It's also so ridiculous that I found much of the movie and the violence (except the rapes) hilarious. I'm going to watch this again tomorrow before returning it.


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