Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I dislike the word "cute" in describing women - I prefer to use beautiful or pretty or hot or fuckable or gorgeous, etc... For some reason, I don't like when "cute" is used to describe someone attractive, unless it's a girl calling me cute. So I rarely use it. But last night at Go! I saw the cutest band ever, ex-Girl.

They're an all-female art-punk-rock trio from Japan. They have this schtick in which they say they're from the planet KeroKero via Tokyo, and they wear these homemade space-age costumes when they perform live. And their show last night was a lot of fun mostly because of how cute they are. The bass player (and leader, I suppose), Kirilola, is the cutest; she's beautiful and I decided I want to marry her. I wonder if she's into Korean guys...


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