Sunday, May 23, 2004

Random notes and observations

I had to go to Wilmington this weekend to take care of some business. Here are some random notes and observations:

There were tons of people in Wilmington. It's that time of the year when tourists come in flocks to the North Carolina coast. I need to hit the beach before I move, but I'm not sure whether I want to go where there are tons of people like there were this weekend in Wilmington. There's bound to be even more next weekend for the Memorial Day weekend.

If there were less rednecks (and white people in general) in Wilmington, it would be awesome. Still, a nice town. Market Street near the downtown area is beautiful with trees' limbs hanging right over the street, kind of like East Franklin Street here in Chapel Hill.

Commercial radio stations have such stupid nicknames, like "The Buzz" or "The Point" or whatever. It's the same in every city. Wilmington's classic rock station is called "The Bone." Not only might this be the dumbest, but it's possibly the funniest.

It was weird how sunny and beautiful it was in Wilmington and in the Triangle area. In between I drove through one of the worst sudden downpours and thunderstorms in quite some time.


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