Wednesday, May 12, 2004

WXYC - Wednesday May 12, 2004 (6-9 PM)

I went into this show thinking this was my last radio show at WXYC, but I treated it as any other show that I've done, except I knew I wanted to play more local Chapel Hill bands and I wanted to play two bands my friends are in, Billy Schuh and the Foundry and Mahjongg, both of which I played. I didn't get to play as many Chapel Hill bands, but I did end my show fittingly with "Wrong" by the Archers of Loaf from their first 7" single. (The only other local band I fit in was Cold Sides.) After the show, I was a little bummed out...but, alas, Evan and Andrea walked in, and they said I could sub for them before I leave. I'll gladly take them up on their offer. Here's the playlist:

H = Heavy; M = Medium; L = Light; S = Single; R = Request

Rah Brahs - Arty of the Irst Art
(M) Male Slut - Industrial Noise Blues (off the Tracks & Fields comp)
Nels Cline Trio - Cropped
(H) Biota/Mnemonists - (No title - Track #9)

Pearls Before Swine - From the Movie of the Same Name
(H) Devendra Banhart - Insect Eyes
Harvester - Beautiful Crystal

(H) Jason Forrest - Big Outrageous Sound Club
The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud
Max Romeo - Valley of Jehosaphat
Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed

(L) Sentinel - Ancient History
This Heat - The Fall of Saigon
Sun City Girls - Space Prophet Dogon

(H) Gino Bordin et Son Orchestre Hawaien - Hawaii-Marche (from the
comp, Steeling Round the World Hawaiian Style)
Ballake Sissoko - Deli
John Fahey - Desperate Man Blues
(R) Destroyer - The Music Lovers

(M) Urban Myth & Steve Beresford - Passage
Wolf Eyes - These Girls of Mine
(S) Cold Sides - Insight
Force MD's - Let Me Love You
(H) Konk - Alien Jam

(R) Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
(L) Igloo - Frog
Billy Schuh & the Foundry - Buy/Sell/Trade
Mahjongg - Aluminum
(H) Mission of Burma - Wounded World

Leroy Sibbles - Express Yourself (from the Studio One Soul comp)
(M) Keith Hudson - Flesh of My Skin
Tino Dia Kimuezo - Kibela Kiame (from Soul of Angola comp)
Whistlin' Alex Moore - Chock House Boogie

(H) Jimmy Martin - Hit Parade of Love
Okros Ensemble - Cigany csingeralasok (Gypsy jumping dance from
Slavic Soul Party! - Seva
(H) Leandro Guerrero (with Conjunto Alamo) - La Ratita (from Accordion Conjunto Champs comp)

Iron and Wine - Each Coming Night
Jeffrey Fredericks/(Un)holy Modal Rounders - Robbin' Banks
Flamin' Groovies - Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu

(R) The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket
Archers of Loaf - Wrong


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