Monday, May 03, 2004

Who are you?

Unless you leave a comment, I don't know exactly who reads this weblog. This blog gets an average of seven hits per day, and through the sitemeter tracker that lets me know these statistics, I can tell if the reader is someone I probably know (if it's a direct hit or through a friend's blog's link) or if they're total strangers. For example, I've found many times there are those who stumble across this blog who I guess are either in a band or someone who's interested in a band or artist. I'll know this because there have been times when someone will look up a band or song on Google and come across my blog...most likely because of the playlists from WXYC I put up.

So, for those of you who come across Action Potential as a Google searcher, welcome to my stupid blog. My name is John, and I'm the handsomest motherfucker alive. If you're confused by the playlists, they're playlists of my radio shows on WXYC, which is the best fucking college radio station in the world and the best station not named WFMU. And I say all this with all due respect to KCOU, where I DJ-ed from Fall of '96 to August 2000 and to which I'm forever indebted. And also with all due respect to WCBN, KZSU, KUSF, and WXDU. But WXYC has got to be the best college station - I can't imagine a better station, at least musically.

I think I may have only one more show left at WXYC (next Wednesday 6-9 PM Eastern Time), which is very sad.