Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I start my job tomorrow, and I've been dreading this day the entire summer. For various reasons, I just have a very bad feeling about this job...even though I enjoyed the same position I had in North Carolina. But this one...I'm just very apprehensive about it.

I originally thought that this job was going to prevent me from going out and trying to enjoy my life on weeknights, but fuck that. Tomorrow night is the Black Dice and Animal Collective show at the Empty Bottle. Next Monday night Sean and I are DJ-ing at the Fireside. And next Thursday a few of us were talking about maybe going to a karaoke bar, where I can attempt to do my best Mick Jagger impression.

But I am starting to run a little low on cash, and I really could use the money. However, I don't think I get paid until the end of September. I guess it's time to play the lottery.


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