Friday, July 23, 2004

Random notes

The past several days have been some of the laziest days I've had in quite a while. Chicago's been unbearably hot and humid (and thunderstormy) this week, just about reaching Missouri and North Carolina levels of temperature and humidity...and I realized that I don't have central air conditioning in my apartment after all. But today and for at least the next four to five days the weather should be awesome. It's sunny and beautiful and the temperature is in the mid-to-upper seventies. Everybody's at work right now, but shit, maybe I should get out this afternoon, maybe walk over to Dusty Groove. I kind of wanted to hit the new Millennium Park, but parts of it is closed this weekend because of some fundraiser. Maybe I'll go next week.

In between the hot, humid, and rainy days this week and me being so lazy and refusing to bathe since I'd just start sweating badly anyway, I sat and watched a lot of TV. I don't have cable, but there are a surprising number of free channels here. One of them is an all-Korean channel. I've been watching a bit of that trying to understand what they're saying. It's been another reminder of how much my Korean sucks. I've also been watching some Cubs baseball since you can't get away from it here in Chicago. I used to be a baseball fanatic when I was in elementary school, but I've lost a lot of interest since then. However, I took great satisfaction in watching the St. Louis Cardinals bitchslap the Cubs for their two-game sweep at Wrigley.


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