Friday, August 27, 2004

If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

Through a friend of a friend, I went to Hotel Sofitel Chicago Water Tower last night for this free Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whiskey-tasting event. There we had access to an open bar for the first hour where they served various Chivas scotch drinks and had tons of free (and fancy) appetizers for everyone.

After the first hour, this Scottish dude wearing a kilt started playing his bagpipe, which was our cue to follow him to another conference room. There, everyone had a seat with various scotches laid out in front of each one of us. The Scottish dude, who was hilarious, explained to us everything you wanted to know about whiskey, especially scotch. After the presentation and tasting, we were all given complimentary bottles of 12-year Chivas scotch whiskey. We were also told that we could go downstairs to another room, where we could drink unlimited amounts of free Chivas scotch drinks the rest of the evening.

Because of the late notice I got about this thing, only Luke and I got to go. Luke got trashed. All I know is, I love scotch, and because I know the guy who sets these things up in Chicago, I will be at all of these kinds of events. It's only 11:30 AM right now, but it's night in Scotland right now. So maybe I should crack this Chivas bottle open right now.


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