Sunday, August 29, 2004

New Jersey?

I had no intention of seeing the movie Garden State, but my sister kept asking me via email if I had seen it yet because she loved it. Typically, her taste in movies is as good as anyone's, so when a couple of friends invited me to see it with them, I did (even though Kat told me how stupid it was a few weeks back). And this is one of the rare occasions I disagree with my sister regarding movies.

First of all, why the fuck is it called Garden State? What the movie has to do with New Jersey I don't could've taken place in Springfield, Missouri or Springfield, Illinois or any Springfield in the country and it would've made no difference in the story.

There are some good parts to the movie; however, I could probably find some good parts to any movie. In the end, this has nothing to do with finding oneself due to's a plain love story that tries to be deeper than it actually is, which isn't that deep. I have absolutely no problem with romance and love; in fact, when done right, I can be an absolute sucker for it (e.g., Lost in Translation or even When Harry Met Sally). I think Zach Braff had a good idea to start with, but the script and characters needed a major overhaul.

I'm not going to sit here and really review Garden State mostly because I'm not very good at reviewing movies and also because I'm lazy. But I will say that I completely agree with Todd.


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