Sunday, November 07, 2004

Chapel Thrill

Being back in Chapel Hill this past weekend felt weird in the sense that I felt as if I had never left. It felt as if I had just gotten back into town from an extended vacation. It felt good to be back, although never did I feel like I wanted to move back. But Chapel Hill and North Carolina hold a special place in my heart, and I had a good time.

Last night was WXYC's ten-year anniversary of becoming the first radio station in the world to broadcast over the internet.
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The anniversary show was at the Local 506 and featured local acts eNtet, the Moaners, Spectac (pictured above), and Jett Rink (pictured below).
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I wanted to take more pictures of this weekend, although I did take more pictures than I usually do. (My mid-year resolution is to use my camera more.) I don't really have too many funny pictures, but this one below of Todd and Mike is pretty funny, I think. Shocker!
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If you want, you can view more pics by clicking below...although I don't think they're that interesting.


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