Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

It's been a weird thanksgiving weekend thus far...but mostly good. I left for St. Charles, Missouri on Thanksgiving day because I didn't want to drive during the Wednesday snow, especially with the hectic Thanksgiving traffic. After picking up a few things from my apartment, I accidently and stupidly locked my keys inside my trunk. I called the police so they could unlock my car, but they said that they don't do that anymore because of liability. So I had to call a 24-hour locksmith, and they charged me $75. I had set aside an $80 spending limit quota for this weekend, and I was determined to stick to it.

Thankfully, my friends are awesome, and they bought me drinks and pizza last night. We ended up going to Blueberry Hill at the Loop near Washington University. That's when the night turned a little weird. I bumped into many people from my high school, most of whom I haven't seen in almost ten years. My ten-year high school reunion is going to be sometime in 2005, and I had not planned (and still don't plan) on attending, even though I live closer to St. Louis now in Chicago than Chapel Hill. However, I realized last night that there are people from high school that I can actually have conversations with, and I'm not as adamant about not attending the reunion as I was. But I still don't think I want to attend.

I only drank a few beers since I didn't want to spend any money (which I didn't) and since I had to drive all the way back to St. Charles, where my parents have lived for the past five years. For those who don't know, St. Charles is unofficially considered part of the St. Louis metropolitan area, I think, but it's not officially part of St. Louis. It's straight up suburbia, and most of its residents are white trash, in my opinion. It especially sucks that I have to drive 40 minutes to get to do anything with friends in St. Louis.

So this weekend has been fun but short. I'm looking forward to going back to Chicago tomorrow so I can see my woman, but I'm also looking forward to coming back for Hanukkah in a few weeks.


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