Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Welcome to Chicago, bitch!

It's the first official day of winter, and this past week has been some of the coldest days and nights I ever remember experiencing. Forget my earlier post where I stated that it's not that bad. When the wind chill is minus-20 degrees, it feels as if the skin on your face is going to fall off. No matter how cold and nasty it might get at times in North Carolina (like that really bad ice storm a couple of years ago), there ain't nothing like Chicago cold down there. However, even though I'm bitching about the weather right now, it's not like it makes me want to move. In fact, I'm getting used to it; but I admit this past week has been quite a shock. For some weird reason, though, because of where this city is located, we get the wind but not the heavy snowfall that parts of Indiana has been getting near the Illinois border.


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