Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ahhh, Spring?

It's officially spring, my favorite season of the year. But it certainly doesn't feel like spring in Chicago. I've heard from many people, including Chicagoans, that there really isn't a spring in this city because the weather's so inconsistent until May. I've been sensing the weather "wanting" to get warmer here, but right when it feels like it should be warm, it gets cold again. Oh well. As long as I'm stuck working my shitty job in Harvey (the Compton of Chicago), I guess I couldn't really take advantage of warm weather even if I wanted to just yet.

I also can't take advantage of the neverending list of potentially great shows coming here in the next month or two, especially because I'm so fucking tired by 9:00 most weeknights. I'm going to have to pick and choose which shows to go to. I've already committed to these following shows: Slint (this Friday night with some Chapel Hill friends, including Tim), the Animal Collective, M83 (who I haven't heard much of, but my friend Chris, whose music taste I admire, says he really likes), and Gang of Four.

I will also try to go to as many of these shows as I can (which is probably just a fourth) (in alphabetical order):

Angels of Light
The Books
The Boredoms
Christina Carter
Desmond Dekker (I think I already bought a ticket to the M83 show the same night.)
Dizzee Rascal
Iron and Wine
Melt Banana
Orchestra Baobab
Out Hud
The Pagans
Parts & Labor with Pelican
Roots Manuva
Yo La Tengo


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