Sunday, March 06, 2005

Go Heels, Part II

It was a good day for me in college basketball, as both Mizzou and Carolina won. How both games played out surprised me and didn't surpise me.

Missouri almost always plays KU tough, even when they seemingly have no chance of winning prior to the games. I vividly remember unranked MU (in maybe '96 or '97) defeating an unbeaten, number-one-ranked Kansas team that had Paul Pierce, Raef LaFrentz, Scot Pollard, and Jacque Vaughn when they really should've had no chance in hell. During the first game in Lawrence this year, Mizzou outplayed KU and was up at half, I think. KU came back at the end and won. I thought the same thing might happen today...and it almost did. But MU hung on and won. Whew.

As for Carolina-Duke, I predicted a Carolina win by a large margin (see post below). I was wrong, obviously, but what a comeback by the Tar Heels. K's gotta be kicking himself right now. As per any heated rivalry game, especially Duke-Carolina, this should be another reminder that there are rarely blowouts. Duke played tough, and I started thinking that K had Roy's number yet again before the Heels scored 11 straight points to win the game. However, I expected Felton to have a bigger game, although you can't be too hard on him because he's probably the most indispensible guy on the Carolina team. I guess I just expected him to have more points and assists. Sean May is a monster. I'm not sure how much of a star he'll be in the pros, but he'll be in the league as at least a role player for the next decade. I was at least right about him having a big game. And I think I was pretty accurate about Shavlik Randolph. He should've gone to State.


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