Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Best show ever?

Probably not, but the Six Organs of Admittance show at the Empty Bottle last night was the best show I've seen in a long time, and that includes some great shows I've already seen here in Chicago and also in Chapel Hill. Chris Corsano (of Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano duo), who played percussion on the latest Six Organs album, is touring with Ben Chasney right now, and his presence helped transform the Six Organs performance into something I hadn't seen the previous three times.

Chasney started off solo and not too much different from what I remember from the previous times. But halfway into the set, after looping some acoustic guitar parts, Corsano started playing drums (including using a violin bow) while Chasney got electric. Then came the noise, and it was fucking stunning. Everytime I've seen Six Organs I'm just in awe, but last night my jaw just dropped, along with everyone else around me. During the PG Six set, I was wondering what the fuck I was doing there since I had to get up so early this morning; but after the show I was glad that I went.

PG Six was sort of boring, kind of like last time I saw him. I like his music, but it doesn't really translate that nicely live. He messed up a few times, and at times I thought I was watching the male Cat Power.

After the show before I hurried home to sleep, I bought a CDR of a Chris Corsano (side) project Vampire Belt. I haven't listened to it yet, but I heard Ben Chasney describe it as "a very metal Harry Pussy." Sold.


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