Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not even close

Right now, this morning at work, I'm suffering from lack of sleep, but I'll take this exhaustion any day of the week if it means staying up late to see Circle as I did last night at the Empty Bottle. I've seen some great shows this year, but Circle takes the cake by far - it's not even close. My friend Chris said the same thing. I emailed some friends a few weeks ago about the show (and they still didn't show up!) and told them that I had a feeling that this could be one of the great shows of my life. I was slightly exaggerating, but after I let this feeling of euphoria settle down and look back on this at a later time, I think that could definitely be the case.

If they come (again) to your town or city, DO NOT MISS THEM. I would pay $50 to see them, much less the $12 I paid last night.


Anonymous djx said...

i was at the circle show too and it was easily the top 5 for me. i've been a fan for a very long time from their early 7"s on bad vugum, but was completely unprepared for their gradual shift into total mind-fucking-blowing awesomeness. i want to find out what the set-list was for this show and would love to hear a live recording. i heard a recording of their SF show and it just wasn't as good as chicago. something very special happened that night. e-mail me at if you have any info.

9/27/2005 08:34:00 PM  

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