Wednesday, April 28, 2004

WXYC Wednesday 4-28-04 (6-9 PM)

(H) Austin Pietre - Jolie Blonde (from Cajun Champ comp)
Michael Hurley - You Got to Find Me
Brother JT3 - Be With Us
Oakley Hall - Color the Shade

(H) Murs - Bad Man!
Sound Dimension - Drum Song
Phyllis Dillon (R.I.P.) - One Life to Live
Sam Cooke - Bring It Home to Me

(M) Noxagt - Acasta Gneiss
The USA is a Monster - Somehow
Gentle Giant - The Boys in the Band

(H) Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay - Marcher sur des braises
Stark Reality - Dreams

(R) Destroyer - To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of the Vulture,
I'll Go
(H) The Skygreen Leopards - Walk with the Golden Cross
The Pentangle - Hatian Fight Song

(M) Candi Staton - He Called Me Baby
Etta James - How Big a Fool
Huey "Piano" Smith - Pop Eye
Hopeton Lewis - Boom Shacka Lacka

(H) End - World Went Down
Lex - Fourteen Days (off Disco Not Disco 2)
(S) Aceyalone - Junkman

(H) Orchestre G.O. Malebo - Foreman Ali Welcome to Kinshasa (from the
Hits & Misses comp)
Lonnie Youngblood - African Twist

(R) The Album Leaf - One Minute
Giant Sand - Dirty from the Rain
(S) Elliott Brood - Bowling Green

(R)(M) Ratatat - Seventeen Years
The Victims - Television Addict (from Do the Pop! comp)
(H) Mission of Burma - Absent Mind
Erase Errata - Glitter
(H) Ex-Girl - Hettakorri No Ottokotoy

Fritz Ostermayer - Nimh Ihn!
The 6ths - Puerto Rico Way
The Ronettes - Baby, I Love You

(R) Oingo Boingo - Nasty Habits
(R) Os Mutantes - Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor
(S) Carl Henry Brueggen - Rum Toddy


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