Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Jesus, that last post was a little personal that I almost decided to delete it just now. But I won't.

Anyway, when I started this blog back in February, I sort of became a voyeur of other people's blogs, including those that belong to people I don't know. Now, I rarely read blogs produced by people I don't know. Mostly, I read friends' blogs that are linked on this site. Two of those blogs, I feel, should be noted.

First belongs to my friend, Fred: Explainer, formerly known as Hat and Beard. It's probably the most intelligent weblog, and with the recent name (and template) change, Fred has expanded the scope of his blog to more than political topics. I sort of see it as the "Harper's Magazine" of weblogs.

The second one belongs to my NYC-by-way-of-Kansas-by-way-of-Missouri-by-way-of-Baltimore friend, Tom. It's called The Ultracasual Lifestyle. Tom's blog is the best combination of intelligence and wittiness about everything he sees in the world - from politics to his personal life to whatever he sees out there that's amusing to him. He's a very talented writer, and the Ultracasual Lifestyle is my favorite blog to read.

Everyone else, I read your blogs everyday even if you don't post. But some of you really should post more often -- I'm looking at you, Tim.

In other news, I haven't bought a record or CD in over a month, which is the longest drought in about four years. I've been itching to go record shopping for a while now, but I can't afford to with no income and all. The only things I'm spending money on are: rent, bills, alcohol, and food. I wish I could add music to that, and it's killing me that I can't. Some of you need to send me burned CDs. I'm looking in your direction, Todd.

One last thing. This upcoming Saturday September 18th, 2004, I'm participating in the Light the Night Walk to help raise money for funds to cure leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. As of right now, I've raised $145 on my site, which is $120 more than I expected to raise (since I personally donated $25 to it - and another $100 to Maria's site - and I don't have a job!) I sort of didn't expect people to donate. But some people have, obviously. If you could spare some money for this good cause, that would be great. If not, I'll still think no less of you. If you want, you can DONATE RIGHT HERE.


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