Monday, September 27, 2004

Shows this past weekend

Saturday September 25th:
The Hideout Block Party featured such bands/artists as Archer Prewitt, Macha, Mouse on Mars, and Mahjongg. I got there right before Mouse on Mars started...for some reason they didn't want to headline, so Mahjongg were the headliners. Mouse on Mars were awesome, and they brought down the house. A definite "A" performance. It would've been difficult for any band to follow their set, but Mahjongg did their best. They seemed to be a little rushed, especially with Mouse on Mars going over their time limit. (The show had to be over by 11:00 because they needed to clear everyone off the streets by then, and Mouse on Mars ended their set at around 10:15.) However, they pulled off a good show, with the thousands of people in the audience very pleased with the set. Afterwards, Mouse on Mars went to DJ at Rodan.

Sunday September 26th:
The last night of the Adventures on Modern Music presented by The Wire magazine at the Emtpy Bottle featured Double Leopards, Noxagt, Xiu Xiu, and Ghost. Double Leopards, who I had never listened to before, were like a more laid back and dronier but scarier Wolf Eyes. Pretty nice stuff. Noxagt came out next and were fucking awesome. During the second song, this dude in front of the stage passed out and landed on his back. His eyes were wide open the whole time and he seemed really out of it. I'm guessing heroin? Anyway, some people helped him up, and a few minutes later he passed out again, and a bouncer and a few others carried him to the pool room. Noxagt just kept playing the whole time without missing a beat while looking at what was going on with the dude. Xiu Xiu came out next (it was just the singer and this hot chick playing some percussion and keyboards). It bored the shit out of me, and I went to the pool room and talked to my friend Jessica. Ghost played last and were great. However, during the middle of their set, I almost went home due to my feet killing me and how tired I was after this long weekend. But I stayed and I'm glad I did.


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