Monday, April 26, 2004


Last Wednesday I went to Duke for their annual free end-of-school year concert, which is on their campus in which thousands of Duke students get drunk on their wet campus in celebration of their last day of the semester. This year was Kanye West and Dilated Peoples. But DP never showed up. The sound sucked for Kanye West, but it was still a fun show. It was weird feeling buying and drinking beer on a college campus. Members of Carolina's basketball team were there as were members of Duke's. I saw Damion Grant, Rashad McCants, Jackie Manuel, and Melvin Scott for UNC. I saw Shavlik Randolph, Daniel Ewing, and Sean Dockery for Duke. Everyone except Randolph wore some sort of basketball throwback jersey. It was weird seeing Rashad and Randolph embracing and acting as if they were friends. Before Kanye went on, somebody near the stage held up a McCants #32 Carolina jersey. There were more cheers than boos, which was odd considering we were on the Duke campus...probably because there were many North Carolina Central students, who I presume prefer Carolina over Duke. I did hear a "Fuck Carolina" behind me, though.

Friday was the Six Organs of Admittance show at Nightlight, which I enjoyed very much. Before Ben Chasney amazed me and everyone else with his guitar playing was this local old time band. After Six Organs was local sludge metal band, Face Down in Shit, who I'd never even heard of before...but their ferocity and headbanging made an impression on me for the 15 or so minutes I stayed. I just couldn't take the heat and the stench of metalhead body odor. Plus, I was a little too high for my comfort. It was a good (or bad depending on how you look at it) reminder for me to not get high when there are a lot of people around...since I get very self-conscious then very paranoid. Perlmutter and Coach D kinda freaked me out, but I swear they had to have been fucking with me. Bastards.

WXYC played WXDU in our annual kickball bragging rights game. I think XDU had a three game winning streak or something like that before last year, when we crushed those bastards. This year we had approximately 30 DJs or so show up in comparison to their 15 or so. So our talent was diluted, and also since they invited some of their sports show nerds to play. They got off to an early lead, although there were some questions on how many runs they scored early on. We made a furious comback late (helped by a 2-run RBI double from yours truly), but we ended up losing 7-6. Basically, they just cheated better than we did. They must have learned from Coach K...they know how to work the refs to their advantage, i.e., cheat.